Project “Tumor Bank”

Clinical Research-related Laboratory Project:
Establishment of a collection of biological specimens – “Tumor Bank”

As a basis for the experimental cluster projects, and for further future projects a collection of various biological specimens of cancer patients shall be established. All participating LBIs are supplying biological specimens from tumor patients and clinical documentation.

Pre-existing knowledge and equipment
At the LBI for Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology a tumor bank for biological specimens from gynecologic cancer patients already exists. All the procedures for sample processing and storage are well established. Existing equipment for storing tissue specimens at -196°C can be used.

Materials from the following malignant diseases are collected:
• Breast cancer
• Colorectal cancer
• Neuroendocrine tumors (NET)
  o Small cell lung cancer (SCLC)
  o Carcinoid tumors

Types of biological materials:
• Tissue (fresh frozen)
• Bone marrow
• Blood (serum/plasma/cell fractions)
• Pleural effusions
• Ascitic fluids
• Sputum
• Bronchial lavage
• Stool

The biological specimens are initially processed at the respective LBIs or at their connected lab facilities. Enrichment of blood samples for disseminated tumor cells is done at the LBI for Gynecology and Gynecologic oncology. Long time storage of all materials is done at appropriate temperatures at the same institution. This LBI  also coordinates the logistics.
All relevant sample-specific and clinical data are surveyed at the respective LBIs and stored centralised in an on-line data bank in anonymised form, respecting all relevant regulations on data protection and security.